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In 1992, when Estate Agencies were still affiliated with the different building societies, Karin and Elsie worked as Estate Agents at Saambly Estates.   


A fantastic opportunity came across their path when they were offered to take over PJ Schoeman Aloe Estates, that was affiliated to the United Building Society.

Karin and Elsie quickly became a force to be reckoned with – showing that integrity, hard work and determination truly pays off.  They were known as the ladies who knows the industry, were trustworthy and would not back down to a challenge.

Both Karin and Elsie wanted to make people’s dream of finding their perfect property a reality and they did just that.  They also made sure they instil those values into every Agent employed by Aloe Realtors.

Today still they believe that the monetary return is secondary to seeing people get excited about their new home, whether they are buying or renting.  


The past 26 years had it’s challenges, which has made Aloe Realtors stronger and the value of their experience unmeasurable to the benefit of their clients.

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